I started this journal as a quiet way to reflect on my daily life as a mum and how that converges with the creative process as an artist.  It is messy but always inspiring.

My wish is that one day my daughters chase their foolish dreams and always embrace the beauty of being a woman...


defining moments at 40

A few months ago I turned 40 (gulp) which brought about a new wave of reflection. I began to think about all the defining moments that have shaped my art.

big sur, california

When my husband and I lived in California, we took a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. The most stunning road trip I have ever been on. When we reached Big Sur, the mountains magically melted into the ocean. This is where we got engaged. The bright pink magenta in many of my paintings will always be a hint at the lush bougainvillea and that mystical time along the coast.

Swoon, 2017

my first designer dress

It was a Nicole Miller. I scored it my last year in college at Neiman Marcus’ “Last Call” shop at 75% off. It felt like I won the lottery, even though it was still the most I had ever spent on clothing.

the first designer dress I wanted to paint

It was an Alexander McQueen…and it ignited my obsession with fashion as art.

Sleeping Ball Gown, 2011

Winged Victory of Samothrace at the louvre, paris

This was the most dynamic sculpture. I often use this glorifying forward motion in my dress paintings. It is feminine and strong and I adore it.

Ophelia, 2017

thorne miniature rooms at the chicago art institute

I was gobsmacked when I saw these tiny rooms so meticulously constructed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. The story behind Mrs. James Ward Thorne is equally intriguing. Thus began my love of interiors and capturing them as art.

One of my first interior paintings from 2011

finally, louisa may alcott

I have read about many historical women which have inspired my portraits - from Catherine the Great to Beatrix Potter - all of whom defied the odds with unique vision. But Louisa May Alcott has stuck with me unlike any other. The amount of love and genius she poured out to support her family is unfathomable. She is an inspiration I hold dear in my heart and will never forget her story.

One of my first historical female portraits from 2013, Coddington